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  • Gluten free Amaranth cookies
  • Gluten free Multigrain cookies
  • Rich in Calcium and dietary fibre
  • Provides essential nutrients for growth
  • Healthy snack

Earthspired Sweet Combo 1

₹1,280.00 Regular Price
₹896.00Sale Price
  • Rich in nutrients and fibre these cookies make a healthy snacking option and maintain bowel health. These gluten free cookies can be relished for the fresh taste of coconut (Coconut Crunchies), mouthwatering taste of real chocolate (Choco-Chip Crunchies) and exotic fusion of honey and almonds to energize the body and boost immunity (Honey Almond Crunchies). Gluten free Multigrain & Amaranth cookies Eggless ,Low in fat,High in calcium and dietary fibre & More millets, More health. Health snack providing energy and essential nutrients Excellent pre and post workout snack.

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