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Millet flour

About Us:

Rooted in rural India, Earthspired is committed to creating healthy, wholesome products. Every day, we work with small and marginal farmers to develop delicious products that take care of our farmers, take care of your health, and take care of the earth. Earthspired is deeply invested in the process of sustainable rural development, ensuring that all of our business ultimately works towards our fundamental goal: empowering rural villages.

Millet flour


Earthspired is a brand under Mrida Greens & Development Pvt. Ltd. Every year, Earthspired has continued to grow, helping more farmers create the means for sustainable livelihoods. We offer new-age products revived from the traditional grains, millets and amaranth for the fast moving consumer generation.
Also we have achieved the milestone in creating impactful eco-friendly measures!!. Earthspired has helped develop market linkages from rural farms to Indian cities, aided in the advancement of agricultural practices, and steadily ensured the empowerment of rural villages.


We are excited and pleased to announce that our trustworthy initiative has been awarded as Smart Food Partner by the reputed ICRISAT(International Crops Research Institute For The Semi-Arid tropics). ICRISAT is an international non-profit organization that undertakes scientific research for development. Our partnership with ICRISAT is a benchmark in moving a step ahead towards contributing to our sustainable development goals in creating a greener and healthier planet.

This is a huge step where we are :
Mainstreaming nutrition
Empowering the farmers
Attracting the youth towards agriculture
We are now all set to revive the ancient grains (millets) into the mainstream market, making the long forgotten benefits accessible to each and every individual, because it's time to make a difference!!

From our beginning, we have also remained committed to creating products that go beyond a simple, healthy alternative. Our millet and amaranth-based cookies, flours, and snacks are rich in essential nutrients, providing you with health benefits that cannot be found in more refined products. These wonder seeds, tracing their roots back to ancient India, provide high-quality protein and fiber, are naturally gluten-free, and act as a prebiotic, feeding microflora to your inner ecosystem.


We see ourselves as enablers, helping rural farmers create and maintain livelihood practices and helping you embrace a robust, healthy choice. We also recognize that benefiting individuals is important, but not at the expense of the environment. Earthspired has remained committed to environmentally-friendly sourcing, production, and handling practices, actively choosing to limit both our carbon and water footprint.


As we continue to connect with more rural farmers, Earthspired remains devoted to creating a business that takes care of our farmers, takes care of your health, and takes care of the earth.

Millet flour
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