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Healthy Recipes Galore!

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake!

Allergic to Gluten but don’t want to miss out on delicious desserts? Our Gluten-Free chocolate cake will surely make you drool! Watch the video & bake it with ease in your kitchen today

We love the flavours of the Mediterranean...

So we couldn't resist making these delicious pita pockets!

How about this strawberry shake?

Creamy and fruity, this shake is the perfect pick-me-up for those low-energy days

It's always a good time for pizza!

Everyone's favourite guilty pleasure - except, we've made sure that you won't have to feel guilty anymore!

Fluffy, high-protein pancakes 

The best start to any and every day!

Porridge with a punch

A Gluten-Free porridge meal is not only healthy for your gut, but it also energises your body! Try out this healthy, three-ingredient breakfast recipe today!

Nutritious, Gluten Free Amaranth Seed Salad

Salads will never be the same! Our unique amaranth

seed salad can be prepared in a few easy steps, with a selection of high-nutrition, healthy Earthspired products.

Recipe of Idli | By Earthspired Southern Spice Flour

How about making some healthy idlis at home, using our Spiced Flour range? We promise you the goodness of this South Indian staple while catering to your nutrient requirements.

Tasty Nutritious Sandwich Recipe

 Kickstart your day with the delicious, healthy and   nutritious amaranth sandwiches!

          Recipe of Cookie Parfait

What more do you need after a meal than a glassful of delicious dessert - and a simple, hassle-free recipe to boot! Our cookie fruit parfait is a perfect healthy post-meal indulgence!

Tasty Healthy High Protein Pita Pockets that are easy to make

A recipe for pita pockets that is rich in taste, proteins and many other nutrients! This is an easy to make recipe from Healthy High Protein Flour!

More Scrumptious, Gluten-Free Goodness!

Earthspired Gluten Free Date Cake
Earthspired Gluten Free Eggless Banana Cake
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