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  • 2 Boxes of Multigrain Cookies
  • 2 Ready to Eat Snack Packs
  • 1 Pack of Instant Millet Upma
  • 1 Pack of Instant Millet Khichdi

Earthspired Snack Combo 1

  • Cookies: 
    Rich in nutrients and fibre these cookies make a healthy snacking option and maintain bowel health. The Gluten free Multigrain & Amaranth cookies are eggless, low in fat, high in calcium and dietary fibre

     Puffed Amaranth Delight Snack: 
    A lite sweet treat with complete proteins of amaranth, mesmerizing sweet taste and goodness of jaggery and roasted sesame seeds full of iron and calcium for your daily needs.Enjoy this perfect blend of puffed and roasted ingredients, vegan and 100% natural with essential nutrients. 

    Puffed Amaranth Savoury Snack:
    A light flavoured savoury snack for that guilt free “anytime snacking” to suit your modern lifestyle. A perfect blend of taste and health with puffed amaranth, roasted flakes, channa, nuts and spices for all essential nutrient needs

    Millet Upma & Millet Khichdi:
    Ready to Cook nutritious & tasty breakfast/snack mixes.

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