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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

This question might sound bizarre to you as it is a thought that would probably have never crossed your mind.

Nonetheless, “What value does a 60W bulb hold in your life?”

With solar photovoltaic technology becoming increasingly prevalent, DC Solar Microgrids have emerged as one of the most energy efficient and reliable ways of providing basic lighting to remote rural households around the world – to people who spend their days collecting forest wood, and who depend on dim, unhealthy and environment unfriendly kerosene lamps for lighting purposes.

Two 2 Watt LED bulbs powered by Solar Micro Grids – or less than a single unit of electricity for an entire month – can light up a rural household in the remotest corners of the globe, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for its occupants. Now consider this in the context of the 60W incandescent bulb that many of us use so regularly, and without much thought……consuming some 30 units in a month in the normal course, or enough to power upto 30 remote rural households.

That then, is the power of what your 60 Watt Bulb can do…..IT CAN TRANSFORM LIVES!

So – why don’t you ask yourself that question once again?

The Mrida 240 W DC Microgrid provides basic lighting and mobile charging facilities to upto 30 rural households. This access to energy opens new social avenues and improves rural livelihood opportunities. Another key advantage of DC Microgrids is the significantly reduced danger of electric hazards and shocks as compared to AC based options. An optimum power generation and distribution system for rural communities globally, DC Solar Microgrids represent a positive step towards sustainable and holistic rural development.

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