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Weight loss is a journey, not a destination

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Don't just think 'low weight' on the scale.

Think low-fat percentage. Think good body shape. Think of great health.

How do you achieve this?

By seeing to it that your goals are- Reachable; Practical; Sustainable.

- Be realistic about the time it will take to lose healthy weight.

- It's not just the weighing scale that will show you your progress. Note the way your body is shaping or the numbers moving down on the measure tape or the changes in your fat percentage.

- Watch for positive improvements in your energy levels, your sleep quota, your digestive health as they definitely are our priority.

- Know that there will be hiccups and hurdles but it is possible to eat healthy even when you feel you can't.

Don't stop the journey even when it feels like it's not happening because your body is changing from within and in time it will start showing on the outside.

Remember- "The last key has to open the door".

Don't drink your calories, which means say no to juices, soda, and sports drinks and only intake pure water.

Start doing basic exercises like balancing on one foot which helps in the neuromuscular system to work more efficiently, as well give strength to your core stabilizer muscles to reduce past pains and injuries

Jennifer Dhuri

Registered Dietitian

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