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Safeguard YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY this rainy season.

Monsoons has arrived, after the months of scorching and grueling heat. With bringing down the temperature, monsoon invites a lot of health issues like viral fever, dengue, skin

infections, allergies, leptospirosis, jaundice, pneumonia and conjunctivitis. As the rainy

season affects our immune system, it's important to consider what we EAT and DRINK to

stay healthy.

Let's discuss some smart tips to enjoy blossoms of this season:

1. GO LOCAL and Seasonal : The good addition to your diet in this rainy season to

improve your immune system are : Apple, pear, pomegranate, plum, jamun and

papaya are few. Avoid consuming watermelon, muskmelon,tadgola,jackfruit, all high

water content fruits should be avoided as smell attracts flies and causes water


2. Choose CURD over MILK: Instead of consuming plain milk prefer to have curd or

homemade yoghurt to avoid any intestinal diseases. Avoid fruit juices and pre -

cooked/ leftover meals.

3. Avoid Spicy and Raw food : If someone is prone to seasonal allergies, avoid spicy

food. Avoid having raw vegetable salads and fruits which contains worms, larvae and

dirt. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly in running water.

● Avoid eating leftover food.

● Prefer to have home cooked food.

● Avoid raw salad and ensure to steam it before consuming during the rainy season.

● Best to avoid salty and heavy foods as it causes gastric problems and water


● Avoid drinking tap water directly. Prefer to have boiled water.

4. BITTER is BETTER: Adding some bitter vegetables in your diet can to build up the

immune system. Consume bitter vegetables like snake gourd, bitter gourd, yam ,

apple gourd, pointed gourd. Stay away from green leafy vegetables, cauliflower,

ladyfinger, sprouted grains, potato. Soak green leafy vegetables in salt water for 10

min to remove insects.

5. SIP Herbal warm Drinks: The immunity is compromised during rainy season, as the

germs and bacteria are very active.

● Include immunity boosting foods in the diet like garlic, ginger, turmeric, pepper to

enhance immunity and digestion.

● A simple decoction with tulsi, ginger with a hint of medicinal spices like clove, black

pepper, cinnamon, cardamom help prevent infections and bring down the fever.

6. NO TO STREET FOOD: Stay far away from golgappas, samosa , vadapav, chaats

etc which seems to be very tempting on the road side. Instead of these opt for bhuna

chana, corn, chickpea.

7. Choose correct OIL: Consume more of drying oil like corn or olive oil and avoid

heavy oils like mustard, sesame and peanut oil as they causes infections.

If you are non-vegetarian prefer home cooked and avoid heavy gravies outside.

Instead of heavy gravies start your meal with soup and stews to keep your body


8. MAINTAIN GOOD HYGIENE :Many illnesses can be avoided during this season by

just maintaining good personal hygiene.

● Wash hands, feet and face every time you come home, before handling food, after

using the toilet to minimize the chances of getting infected.

● Bath with iodine solution after coming from office to remove any buildup of sweat and


● Use Anti-fungal talc to prevent moisture in skin folds.

● Clean your chopping board thoroughly before cutting vegetables and fruits.

● Avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands can lead to conjunctivitis, dry eyes or

corneal ulcers.

● Never leave home without the application of strong mosquito repellent.

● Diabetic should take utmost care during this season to prevent fungal infections in

toes and fingers.

● Keep an alcohol based sanitizer handy when you travel.


● Person suffering from diabetes or breathing problems should stay from damp places,

these can cause fungal growth.

● Keep the children away from stagnant water. As children are more prone to skin

rashes and allergies,avoid wearing them tight clothes. Stick to cotton and linen.

● Adding a few drops of citronella/ Eucalyptus oil in water to wipe the floor keep the

insects and mosquitoes away.

All these guidelines will help you to safeguard your health from the monsoon diseases and

enjoy this season to the fullest.

Rest, enjoy the monsoon! And stay healthy!!

Dr. Vijeta Goyal

Nutritionist & Diabetic Counselor


Reach out to us through - E-mail: Call: +91 11 41734447


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