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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

The majority of India still lives in villages which lack non-farm industries and basic infrastructure to provide its youth with gainful employment. By conceptualizing and setting up E-Hubs, our mission is to connect rural India digitally as well as physically, making rural youth familiar with the technology of today, the current scenario of development, and opportunities for the future. The Mrida E-Hub envisages bringing together Education, Entertainment and E-Commerce in an innovative package that makes youth more employable, while providing rural entrepreneurial opportunities as well as avenues for awareness and social upliftment.

The Solar E-Hub acts as a learning center for children during the day and as an entertainment center for the village in the evening. It brings e-commerce to remote rural areas, providing villagers with facilities such as photo printing, access to Government websites, online filling of forms and documents, train/bus ticket booking and printing, etc. It is a tool to impart training on socially relevant issues such as health, hygiene, sanitation and women’s empowerment, and for disseminating knowledge based inputs on agricultural best practices, technology advancements, skill development, and so on. All in all, an effective tool for all round village development.

Another issue afflicting rural India today is the lack of basic transport facilities and in many cases where they do exist, the highly polluting nature of the same. The electric rickshaw represents an environment friendly alternative to fossil fuel based solutions, for transporting people between villages, to nearby work/study locations, and/or to points where regular transport facilities are available. Mrida provides such clean technology based solutions in remote rural areas – identifying and providing the right product, selecting and training rural entrepreneurs to operate the same in a financially viable manner, and overseeing the entire process till it becomes self sustaining.

Through such innovative products and services then, Mrida seeks to promote rural entrepreneurship that will drive the growth of Future India.

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