Mindful Consumption

Overtime, I have realized that I am taking far more from the universe than I will ever be able to give back.

The constant exercise of differentiating between needs and desire has been an eye opener.

The endeavour is to live responsibly, endeavour is to live with conscience.

For eg:

1. Do I really need the water that is being poured in my glass at the restaurant?

Will that water not go down the drain (literally) when I leave my table? Am I being fair to those who are walking miles for drinking water and yet what they get is hardly safe enough to consume?

2. Do I really need to wrap that gift by buying ‘free’ gift wrapping paper?

Because that shiny/ non-biodegradable paper is going to be trashed (literally) once the gift is opened?

3. Do I really need to buy gifts when I am not sure i