How to take charge of our Mother’s Health?

Mothers are special and so is her Health. Being a Nutritionist and a mother of 6 years old I can say that what mother’s need is not an expensive gift, she requires love, care and emotional support. It is the time to give her back for the sacrifices she has made while raising her little bundle of joy.

So, this Mother’s Day talks to them about their unexpressed needs and overlooked health.

Plethora of health issues hit mother’s as they cross their 30's and 40’s which they tend to ignore silently. Hormonal changes at middle age causing mood swings, insomnia and depression, improper diet, lack of sleep and regular physical activity, weight gain and inadequate intake of nutrients like calcium, vitamin D & iron.

What can we do to ensure her well – being?

  • Regular health check-ups.

  • Frequent tests for blood pressure, diabetes & cholesterol

  • Your time, talk to her, sit with her, help with household chores

  • Ensure a healthy and balanced diet.