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How to take charge of our Mother’s Health?

Mothers are special and so is her Health. Being a Nutritionist and a mother of 6 years old I can say that what mother’s need is not an expensive gift, she requires love, care and emotional support. It is the time to give her back for the sacrifices she has made while raising her little bundle of joy.

So, this Mother’s Day talks to them about their unexpressed needs and overlooked health.

Plethora of health issues hit mother’s as they cross their 30's and 40’s which they tend to ignore silently. Hormonal changes at middle age causing mood swings, insomnia and depression, improper diet, lack of sleep and regular physical activity, weight gain and inadequate intake of nutrients like calcium, vitamin D & iron.

What can we do to ensure her well – being?

  • Regular health check-ups.

  • Frequent tests for blood pressure, diabetes & cholesterol

  • Your time, talk to her, sit with her, help with household chores

  • Ensure a healthy and balanced diet.

Add variety, colors and food options like:

Almonds: Almonds are a great source of fiber and they are quite rich in protein. Intake of these nutty delights has a massive positive effect on health.

Yoghurt for gut health: Yogurt is protein-filled and full of probiotics that are good for her gut health. Yoghurt is a nutritious food option to be included in your diet, it provides appetite-satisfying protein, and vitamins and minerals, unsweetened yoghurt makes an extremely healthy snack. Don't pour off the whey liquid that separates from the milk solids - it's full of protein. Ensure she includes yoghurt in her daily diet.

Trail Mix: Cravings are natural, especially if there's a huge time window between two meals and when you do not have time for yourself. Make her a trial mix of nuts and seeds like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and almonds. They are all incredible sources of protein.

Walking: Walking offers a plethora of health benefits. From weight loss to healthy skin makes walking a great exercise. Brisk walking leads to improved blood circulation to affected skin and makes you look confident. So, you know what you must do next to keep her healthy and fit.

Green leafy vegetables: A most important food group to be included in diet. Methi, sarson and bathua are the greens that we have grown up with. They are nutrient dense and contribute immensely to health. Ensure she includes green in her daily diet. They help us load on essential vitamins and minerals and other micronutrients.

Eggs: Eggs make excellent breakfast food. They are filled with high-quality protein, fats, and vital nutrients, like vitamin D and choline. Eggs are in fact, the best bioavailable source of protein. Having a high-protein breakfast boosts weight loss because protein increases satiety while administering hunger and appetite hormones.

Turmeric Milk: Haldi doodh is another boost that helps give us protein boost. Milk is an incredible source of protein, adding haldi to milk strengthens the benefit of milk with its healing and antiseptic properties.

Most importantly, give your mother the emotional support that she needs. Make time from your busy schedule, talk to her regularly, keep her happy by respecting her likes and dislikes. Help her with household work and share the burden.

Wish you a very Happy Mother’s day 2020.


Divya Agrawal


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