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Healthy snack options for the work-place.

These days the lives of corporate people are full of stress. With continuous long working hours, health takes a back seat and the carrier is always in fourth gear.

If you need to be focused and work effectively it's important to give importance to healthy food. Having healthy snack at work place or at your desk is the key to keeping energy levels up and to maintain blood sugar levels during an afternoon slump. Make sure the snacks you opt will give you enough protein and fibre to cut the cravings towards sugar laden drinks and junk food. This will keep keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Here are some healthy snacks options you white collar people can keep at your work desk :

1) Seeds : A teaspoon of pumpkin or sunflower seeds will keep you full for hours and

provide good source of protein.

2) Raw nuts :A handful of almonds or cashew is loved by everyone without creating any

mess at the desk. It's a great combo of proteins and good fat.

3) Dried fruits: If you have a sweet tooth or afternoon craving in that case dried fruits are

great healthy snacks which satisfy the craving with good amount of fibre. A few dried apricots or home made dates and almonds balls will provide a dose of

healthy fats.

4) Dark Chocolate : Chocolates have gotten a bad rep, but there's nothing wrong in treating yourself to a good quality dark chocolate. Cocoa contains magnesium which is a stress reliever, so eat chocolate with 70% or higher amount of cocoa.

5) Roasted Chickpeas: In a meeting and sleepy? You definitely need a protein punch to stay

focused - nothing better than chickpeas!

6) Cereal and nuts trail mix: This is super easy and convenient DIY snack to store at your desk. Toss some nuts, seeds, cornflakes or oats, dark chocolate or herbs of your choice and portion out into quarter cup serving sizes.

Whatever snacks you choose, moderation is the key and avoid any thing out of

packets - they are loaded with high sugar and fat!

Dr. Vijeta Goyal

Nutritionist & Diabetic Counselor


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