Foods to stay healthy!

1. Matka water- Bring back the matka, the malmal cloth and khus-khus grass. Add the khus-khus grass to the bottom of the matka, pour water on top and wrap a mal mal cloth around it. How does it help you? Khus khus is an ancient secret of keeping everything cool. The porous matka adds a unique taste and keeps water free of any pathogens- lets call it pure and mineral enriched. Khus Khus is also called Vetiver and you will find it in all high end soaps and perfumes, not just for its distinct aroma but for its ability to reduce emotional anxiety and bring about a calming effect.

2. Curd- For all those who suffer from constipation, gas and acidity, this one is an absolute must have on a daily basis. The thing though is that you must set the curd at home. This allows the essential fats, the vitamin D and the vitamin B along with the B12 to be retained. The process of turning milk in to dahi naturally enhances the dahi with the “good bacteria”. The growth of this essential bacteria is curtailed in the “probiotic” products available in the market, that's exactly why they don't go bad for days together and have along shelf life. Curd will strengthen your intestines, reduce acidity attacks and keep the bloating down.